I write stories. The stories can go anywhere from tangled relationships and virtual writers to rock music and sleep disorders. Some of them are pretty straightforward. Some of them are weird.

My undergraduate degree was in occupational therapy, but don't hold that against me. I've worked in academic research, with web sites, around assistive technology and disability, tending to small mammals, professional editing and — finally — somewhere here at the nexus of technology and books.

My first two novels titled Here Today and None of the Other Flies Follow My Crooked Lines were shortlisted in the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards and the young adult novel I wrote with my brother Concentrate was shortlisted for the Text Prize. So that's nice.

I guess I've been more demonstrably successful as a short story writer. I've had pieces published all over the place (rf. the bibliography). My successes in the long form have been more in the form of awards, shortlistings, and mentorships. Though not as visible as large scale publication, each have been essential in improving the work and keeping me focused.

A couple of my earlier works were published independently, but I have a thing for manufacturing scarcity so at some point I took them out of circulation. If you have one of these earlier works, well done. I hope you like them. They will never exist again, except in ghost form in databases.

In 2010, I was the co-editor with Sean Sennett of Off The Record: 25 Years of Music Street Press, published by UQPprobably the most fun I've ever had putting a shitload of words together. You should buy a copy. It's really good.

Since that same year, I have worked at the Queensland Writers Centre as the director of if:book Australia, exploring digital futures for authors, readers, and publishers. I have helped publish tens of thousands of words from some of the nation’s best writers and thinkers on book futures, created real-world story adventures, and took a complete book from concept to print in twenty-four hours.

I also write about electronic books and apps every week for the Courier-Mail

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