The Deep South

The if:book project Memory Makes Us has taken me to Decatur, GA just outside of Atlanta for the Decatur Book Festival.  


The Greatest Stories Ever 'Told'

A new episode of the podcast I record with some chancer called Darren Groth is up and available. The podcast is called Fireproof Garage. The episode is called The Greatest Stories Ever 'Told'. It's about great storytelling as spoken word. Sort of.

The episode is here if you want to listen via your web browser.
To subscribe to the podcast, here's the link to the RSS feed. 
And here's the link to iTunes where you can leave a five star (out of 100) review.

Print ≠ Digital

One of my current bugbears is the treatment of print and digital books as though they are identical, essentially reducing a book's content to its lowest common denominator. For me, it's much more fun and much more appropriate to play to a medium's strengths, to create print and digital books that fully inhabit and make the most of their containers. 

This week, if:book released the ebook edition of the literary remix project, Lost in Track Changes, designed by the fabulously talented Megan Hoogenboom. I wanted to show how the print and ebook editions differed and how they made use of their containers. Still images just wouldn't cut it so I made a video, a walk through. 

In this project, five authors remixed each other's work in series with the changes tracked between.

The print edition is available from the if:bookstore.

The ebook edition is available from the iBookstore.  

Marcus Clarke's Handwriting

Continuing my fascination with writers' papers from the nineteenth century: some beautiful examples from Marcus Clarke including letters to his London publisher and a scrapbook of his newspaper articles possibly compiled by his wife (it wasn't entirely clear).