Infinite Blue to be published in North America

I have been holding off making a big deal about this, but I guess if an announcement is being made, I should probably share it around too. The link is behind a paywall but the headline is all you need to know.


Oh yes.

We have signed on the dotted line that wasn't actually dotted and I'm officially joining Darren as an author for the wonderful Orca Publishers in Canada and the United States.

Darren and I first worked together on Concentrate many years ago now and this is a story we've had kicking around for a while. The thought that it would see its first publication in Canada is a bit surreal, at least for me. I'm sure Darren is okay with it, given he lives there.

Hunted Down and Other Tales

This week, if:book began sending out the first highly bespoke copies of a new work of literary remix called Hunted Down and Other Tales by Marcus Clarke . Yeah, that's the full title. 

It's part of a larger project called Rumours of My Death. I don't usually step in as author on creative if:book projects, but this one one was unusual in being even more vague and open ended from the outset than usual.

My job with this book was to select an Australian author whose work is in the public domain and bring their work into the 21st century. The only rule was around the medium. Previous #RoMD projects had taken place on the web and social media. This one had to use print. 

I worked as author/remixer with editor Aimée Lindorff and designer George Saad and collectively, this is what we came up with. 

Hunted Down and Other Tales by Marcus Clarke

Hunted Down and Other Tales by Marcus Clarke

Although everything in the book has come from a digital source, it uses a variety of printing techniques from digital print on demand to letterpress to hand screen printing. 

The book itself is based on the little short story anthologies Marcus Clarke published in the 1870s. Designer George Saad created a note-perfect reproduction, something that became clear when we compared Hunted Down side by side with a copy of Holiday Peak and Other Tales  from 1873. 

Holiday Peak from 1873 alongside Hunted Down from 2016. Some things never change.  

Holiday Peak from 1873 alongside Hunted Down from 2016. Some things never change.  

There's so much more to write about this, some of which I'll post over at if:book, some of which will be here.  


I've been teasing this upcoming work everywhere except here, so here's the correction to that oversight. Just as a work exploring print technologies it's been fun. So far it has involved digital print on demand, traditional letterpress, and silk screen printing by hand, all from digital sources. 


Interview for We the Humanities

A great interview this week with Matt Finch, current Creative in Residence at the State Library of Queensland, Australia on if:book, Brisbane, my background and even a bit on my academic work. 

I’m looking at how digital tools can be (and are being) used to change the relationship between writers and readers. In particular, I’ve been fascinated by the technical innovation of experimental writers from around the 1960s. These writers took radical steps such as removing the binding of books in order to give the reader greater control over the narrative.

Read on.